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Hello Goldie

Creme De La Creme Adaptogen Booster

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Creamy. Goodness.

Full of mood-lifting properties & antioxidants. Add some sweetness to your matcha, coffee, or goldie latte without any added sugar. The creme de la creme of creamers!



Organic Tocos Rice Bran - Super rich source of fat-soluble vitamin E, and helps promote body detoxification and healthy muscle function
Organic Ashwagandha - This helpful plant provides support for regulating your body’s stress levels, and enhances cognitive focus
Organic Lion's Mane - This brilliant mushroom enhances cognitive function, boosts our immune systems, and aids the body in regulating stress and anxiety
Monk Fruit - A natural sugar substitute, combats free radicals and helps fight fatigue
Vanilla Bean - A powerful antioxidant that also supports brain health
Cinnamon - High in antioxidants & anti-inflammatories, promotes good digestion, and helps regulate blood sugar

  • Non-GMO. Vegan.
  • 20 Servings/Net Wt 10.6 oz. (300 grams)



Froth or stir 15g of Creme de la Creme into 10 ounces of mylk; latte; or your favorite beverage.  Sip and enjoy anytime of day. 



Monk Fruit Sweetener (Erythritol, Monk Fruit Extract), Cinnamon, Organic Tocos, Vanilla Bean, Organic Ashwagandha & Organic Lion's Mane.