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Future 5 Elements

Brightening Touch Serum

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Brightening Touch Serum is an acid free, botanical brightening serum designed to illuminate or treat dark spots, fight sun damage and melasma. For people of all ages, skin types, and tones. Rich in anti-inflammatories that brighten, nourish, and leave skin feeling smooth and conditioned.

+How To Use
Apply 8-10 drops on clean, toned skin morning and evening. Follow with a beauty drop and moisturizing cream best suited for your skin type. Can be mixed with any other Future 5 Elements gel, serum, cream or masks.
Perfect for reducing sun damage, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and Melasma. All skin types, all ages, year round.
+Packaging & Shelf Life
1 oz. Good for 6 months after opening.

- Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum

- Hypoxis Rooperi

- Boerhaavia diffusa

- Licorice

- Centella Asiatica

- Cotton Extract

- Hydrolyzed Silk