Why Estheticians?

Why Estheticians?

Hello Switches! To mix things up we decided to talk about a spicy topic for many people: buying skincare online from unverified vendors (ie.. amazon) and the reasons why you shouldn’t if you want to see real and lasting results! Sorry if anyone is triggered… but also, not sorry! 

Now, as someone who’s entire skincare regiment was from Target, Amazon, and  Sephora my entire life until I met Vanessa, I can sympathize. I love buying shiny new products who’s packaging is just as glamorous as their claims of results. After I would go through one bottle (or just leave it on my shelf once I realized it wasn’t working) I would go back and get the next thing that an Instagram or Tik Tok influencer swore by. The amount of money I used to spend on products they recommended and were wrong for my skin is a number that I would rather not calculate.                                                                                     

Let's start with Amazon... There are plenty of unregulated sellers on Amazon who claim to be a preferred vendor to retail their pharmaceutical grade products. You can go on to Amazon and find almost any product from any skincare company, you'll notice that the price is different, the packaging may be a little off but here's the thing... These pharmaceutical grade brands usually require extended education to properly use them for the best results and only allow us to retail them in our storefront or our website as a preferred vendor (ie. your esthetician). They also specifically mention they will cut our accounts if we are caught selling on Amazon, so someone selling those products online are not preferred vendors and those products are not directly from the manufacturer. Why take that risk of unknown sellers and products?

There’s a very good reason why Estheticians are called “Etsy Besties”! We truly are devoted to the science of skin, the integrity of your skin and committed to the results you want to see in your skin… this is our passion! 

If you do have any questions about new trends you see, or you are wanting to see changes in your skin, we recommend going to your local Esthetician so they can physically and thoroughly analyze your skin, your skin goals and skin history in order to find the best recommendations that are perfectly personalized to your skin needs.