3 Best Friends For Skin This Summer: Vit A, C, & E

3 Best Friends For Skin This Summer: Vit A, C, & E

Hello, Switches! We hope this blog finds you not only well but happy and thriving! This is your friendly Esthetician reminder to stay hydrated, apply your vitamin AC&E, wear a hat when in the sun, and reapply your sunscreen every two hours. Summer is here! 



Speaking of sunscreen and vitamins (which we didn’t do enough of in our youth), let's touch on what is happening to the skin AFTER sun exposure and what nutrients the skins need to combat the SUMMER sun. 


As much as we wish eating fruits and veggies would help repair our skin, it’s a little more complicated than that. The skin is the LAST organ to receive anything that we ingest orally. It acts like a sponge and feeds off of what we apply topically. This means your shampoo, the soap you wash your hands with, and the ingredients in your skincare should be looked at like “food.” 


So how do we know what is safe and ok to be in contact with the skin day in and day out? There are apps available to download that help you scan your products at home. We love the Yuka app. Regarding skin care, we recommend working with your Esthetician or dermatologist. Someone who directly works with your skin and understands how to keep your skin healthy and balanced. 


Things to remember while shopping clean - the beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that sells and markets you a lot of “promises” in pretty shiny boxes. These  “promises” are being formulated for the masses that must be stored to last and not expire on the shelf. Looking closely, most over-the-counter ( pharmaceutical grade ) beauty brands spend more money on packaging than actual ingredients. That is why estheticians are passionate about the small batch customizable regimes they put out for you. It's all about the ingredients they know and trust to work their magick with you at home.


Ok, back to what's happening to the skin during sun exposure. The skin battles with environmental factors like pollution, UVA & UVB Rays. All of which result in pigmentation, depletion of vitamin A, lack of collagen, and photoaging. Did you know the first sign of wrinkles is a sign to start looking out for skin cancer?  With a daily dose of vitamin A, C & E in your skincare paired with a stand-alone SPF, you can nurture and protect your skin. Why these three precisely? Without getting too scientific, Vitamin C & E contain the nutrients your skin needs to function at its best, & In 1996 it was proven that Vitamin A is capable of reprogramming cellular functions- aka a time machine for your skin on the cellular level! 


Let’s take a closer look at the clinical and scientific research that has been proven with Vitamin A:


-Helps protect skin cells from UV damage 

-Improves skin conditions and reduces breakouts

-Aids in retaining moisturize in the skin 

-Helps normalize pigmentation 

-Exfoliates for a smoother-appearing complexion

-Helps healthy collagen & elastin formation for firmer-looking skin


Vitamin A is our skin hero and the remedy to almost all skin conditions. The Switch works with Environ, because they formulate Vitamin A C & E in one bottle! A healthy dose of each vitamin is prescribed twice daily. That’s 14 doses a week! Anything less is selling yourself short of the skin's full functionality. Depending on the condition of your skin, there are a few different formulas and low concentrated doses that your esthetician will start you with. Hello, healthy Summer Skin. Are you interested in adding Environ to your home care? Email concierge@theswitchsuites.com for a virtual consultation.