Teas, Tinctures, and Sweet Honeys

Teas, Tinctures, and Sweet Honeys

Whenever I was an emotional teen (shocker, right?) my mom would always make me a tea. Honestly it kinda pissed me off (even tho it worked🤣)- I’m having an existential crisis and you’re making me TEA instead of taking me on a trip to Hawaii?! How could you mom 🙄

Fast forward to me spending my entire life realizing that my mom was right- again. Why is a little tea bag soaking in hot water such a life changer?! Well, there’s science behind why! 

Tea has always been used through history to fix ailments- from sicknesses to stress, gut health, mental health, and emotional issues. The potentials are endless for the capabilities of teas and herbal remedies. 


Also, for the record- there’s no such thing as a “weight loss tea”. There are teas that help with bloating and digestion, but do your research into any teas that claim to make you loose actual weight. They’re usually just anti-bloating ingredients with sweeteners that make the teas taste better and triggers your brain to crave that specific tea! *Rant over*


Here at The Switch, we did a lot of research before investing and carrying a tea product. We finally settled on Naturopathica for several reasons: 1) they take the greatest care to find the highest quality of ingredients, 2) they include ingredients that are proven to be effective, and 3) they focus on solving the problem, not just covering the symptoms. They have come out with a fabulous line of natural teas, tinctures, and healing honey to add to the teas! 


3 of our favorites are listed below! 

Chamomile Calming Honey - This wildflower honey, infused with soothing herbs and chamomile, helps calm the mind and senses. Naturopathica's Honey's can me mixed with any tinctures and teas to create a customized elixir for your needs.


White Peony & Red Clover Skin Defense Tea - This refreshing blend, redolent with aromas of grapefruit and blood orange, has blossoms of calendula and red clover, entwined with calming lemon balm and nestled in a bed of antioxidant-rich white peony to help calm aggravated skin, nourish the nervous system, calm stress-related skin imbalances, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote sleep. 

Main Ingredients:


Used in European pharmacopeias for hundreds of years as a wound-healing herb with anti-inflammatory benefits to help calm aggravated skin. 


Popular in traditional folk medicine for its ability to nourish the nervous system as well as calm stress-related skin imbalances. It is rich in calcium and other minerals.

Lemon Balm:

Usage dates back to Middle Ages where it was used to reduce stress and anxiety and promote sleep


Passionflower & Kava Sleep Tincture - Liquid herbal supplement can be added to any tea or drink!

Main Ingredients:


Used by 19th century Eclectic Medicine practitioners to promote relaxation and rest. It’s known to help with insomnia.

Valerian Root:

Often viewed as a powerful sleep aid.

Ashwagandha Root:

Used in Ayurvedic medicine for over 3,000 years, this adaptogen helps improve the body's response to stress and promotes vitality.


If you've been in this month, you might have been served an elixir of the Schisandra & Chamomile tea, the Reishi Immune Tincture, and the Chamomile Calming Honey!

DM any of us or come stop by to try some teas in our lounge! 


XOXO, Kimmy