Self-Care Check-In

Self-Care Check-In

Going into this month, I thought my self-care routine was decent, so it was a quick reality check when I realized that my version of self-care was not in line with the reality of it—spending hours online shopping on Amazon while laying in bed after a long day was not doing anything to improve my physical or mental wellbeing (shocker!). Although everyone's version of self-care is a little bit different, I made a list for those of us who might just be getting started. These things have helped me start small and intentionally increase little by little. 

 Step 1:

~Make yourself a tea- simple, but something that's just for you to relax and enjoy. Hello, Goldie is my favorite! 

~Sit down and take 5 min to be present wherever you are. My place is in my backyard in the early morning light with my coffee- no phone or distractions, just me, nature, & coffee. If it helps, set a timer.

~Buy something at the store that can turn into a ritual- I started splurging on healthy yogurt and making yogurt bowls. With intentional eating, you combat the diet mentality, stop obsessing about food, and move away from mindless eating.

Step 2:

~This sounds ridiculous, but this was a hard one for me... Don't buy things online at night! The number of random stuff I suddenly think I need because I'm two glasses of red wine deep is astonishing.

~Take a relaxing bath or shower- get a bath bomb or do a mask, light a candle, put on relaxing music, and connect with your breath. 

Step 3:

~30 min of yoga before you start your day- moving your body helps you feel better, stimulates your mind, and is suitable for your skin!

~Put your phone away 30 min before you crawl into bed- blue light from your phone can mess up your circadian rhythm and mess up your sleep! 

~Take yourself out to a nice dinner- yes, this could fall into Treat Yo Self, but there is something about sitting down at a restaurant by yourself & being waited on hand and foot, all while sipping a glass of wine in the warm glow of candlelight. *chefs kiss*  

Remember: Self-Care is the practice of taking action to preserve or improve your health and wellbeing, mentally or physically. Whatever that looks like for you, as long as you are improving yourself, it doesn't matter what is on your list :)


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