What are Peels and why do we need them?

What are Peels and why do we need them?

It’s peel season! You’ve heard every Esthetician on social media saying it is “peel season”, but what does that actually mean? Well thanks for asking, I’d love to tell you :)


Peeling is a deeper exfoliation technique that helps with correcting sun damage, skin texture, acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles. It chemically exfoliates deeper into the skin so that you have more youthful, fresh, glowing skin once the outer layers shed off naturally in time. Peels are a time machine for your skin! 


Now, as fitting for Halloween time this sounds, it’s not as drastic as it seems! There are many chemical peels that you will physically see the peel, (think like how your skin peels after a sunburn) but here at The Switch we have those deep layer peels and we have some options that are much more gentle. Our Environ Cool Peel Technology is just as effective as deep peels with little to no down time! After all, unless it’s Halloween night, who want’s to walk around with a peeling face!? 


Fall is the perfect time for these procedures- we aren't spending as much time in the hot sun and the harsh winter can become too dry and compromise our skins barrier function. We recommend a series of peels to undo the summer damage that can come even from wearing sunscreen during the summer. Since there is no downtime, you can get amazing results without having to hide your face! 


Benefits of peels: 

Reduces acne scarring 

Lightens dark spots and pigmentation 

Softens fine lines and wrinkles 

Smooths skin texture 


Let us help you erase all of the summer damage from lounging in the harsh sun, so that when it’s time to holiday take family photos, you’ll look younger than you did for last year’s Christmas Card!